If you want the highest grades and the best prices possible for your trading cards and collectibles you have come to the right place!

The Benefits!


Alifabolaget's team members consists of preservation professionals who specializes in the preservation, conservation and restoration of trading cards and other collectibles. Our team works with each and every collectible before grading!


Grading companies provide an unbiased evaluation of a collectibles condition, which in turn affects its value. Alifabolaget handle the contact with the grading companies for you, just sit back and know that your collectibles are in safe hands!

Online Auction

Online auctions offer convenience, transparency, competitive bidding, variety, security, and expertise. Alifabolaget help you reach a global audience and get the best possible prices for your trading cards and other collectibles after grading!

What you'll get!

Higher Prices

Items graded and sold through Alifabolaget often sell for higher prices for various reasons, one of them is our preservation work.

Faster Handling Times

Your collectibles gets preserved, graded and sold on auction within 45 business days, somteimes much sooner!

An Easier Sell

Alifabolaget handles everything! There's no paperwork and you don't pay anything upfront until your collectible sells.

Lower Commissions

Our commission includes all related costs such as preserving, insurance, third party authentication, shipping and auction fees.

From Previous Sales!

All-time record $58,053.60 for a 1958 Alifabolaget #635 Pele Rookie PSA VG 3.

Some Social Proof!

Alifabolaget are the most professional and helpful I've come across, they helped me with the sale of my sports & gaming cards. Can’t recommend them enough!
Mike Walsh
I followed the auction online and it took less than 30 days from the time I submitted my collectibles to the time I had money in my bank. Absolutely superb service!
Maryanne Piorek
Brilliant service and a pleasure to deal with. Great value across their whole range! Would recommend Alifabolaget to any card or other collectibles collector in the hobby!
Ed Briggs
Card Grading Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how cards get graded?

We pull back the curtain and follow the adventure of Adam as he hand delivers his favorite card to the grading service and follows every step of how card grading works behind the scenes.

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